Mobile Rooms

Wouldn’t it be nice if the escape room could come to you?

For large functions such as corporate events and conventions, Hidden Trail offers mobile room experiences. These rooms can be set up in most medium-to-large areas and last approximately fifteen minutes per group, allowing many people to participate during the course of an event.

We’ve had great success with our mobile rooms for events like Windsor ComicCon and P.D. days at local schools. Like any escape room, our mobile rooms encourage groups to work together and engage with puzzles to win within the time limit.

We currently offer two mobile rooms:

The Cell
You and your group are trapped in a jail cell – bars and all. Can you find a way to get yourself out of your cuffs and escape together before the prison guard notices?

Accommodates 3-6 players at a time.

Bomb Squad
A puzzle-loving evildoer has set up a bomb that’s ready to detonate in fifteen minutes. Your team of bomb defusal experts will need to race the clock to save everyone before it’s too late!

Accommodates 2-8 players at a time.

To learn more about our mobile rooms, contact us at 519-990-7054 or, or fill out the form below.

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