What is an escape room?

An escape room is a room designed in a way that a series of puzzles and storylines must be solved before you can leave the room. (You CAN leave at any point, we just recommend playing it out!)

Can I walk in without a booking?

We typically do not have availability for walk-ins.

How long does the room take to get out?

Each session is approximately 1 hour in length.

How do I book a time?

All reservations are made by calling ahead or online at www.hiddentrail.co/book . We request booking at least two hours prior to your start time. Walk-ins are highly discouraged as we very rarely have staff on site if there are no bookings at that time.

What age do I have to be?

All ages are welcome!

We recommend having at least one adult in the room and would ask that you call regarding some of the content in the Cherry Meadow Asylum room to determine if it's alright for your child if you're considering it.

We do not charge for anyone under the age of 6.

Is the room scary?

We're changing our opinion of the asylum room. It's more creepy than scary. We don't even like being in there.

The Mad Hatter's Unbirthday, Prolixin, and Timepiece: Genesis are definitely not scary. Unless you're afraid of an awesome time.

What payment methods are accepted?

Currently we are able to accept cash or credit on location or we can invoice prior to the booking for large groups.