The Real FAQs (as a New Escape Room)

Over the course of our short time in the escape room scene, we get a small group of questions that pop up all the time. What better way to address them than to just drop them in our blog? (Well, other than our actual FAQ page.) Before we dive in, I want to say that we're incredibly humbled by the response we've gotten since opening and the fact that these are genuinely the top questions we get helps us keep creating and doing what we do. So thank you to everyone who has given us a shot! Oh, and if you're reading this and have done the room, you've probably asked us one of these.

1) Did you come up with this by yourself?

If I (Brent) get asked this while Eric is standing next to me, I can safely answer yes on both of our behalfs. If not, it's a simple "Yup! Me and one other dude with a sprinkling of my significant other made this all happen". Typically, because of the theme of our current room, we get a nice "you're pretty sick in the head!" in response.

We're pretty proud of the fact that we've taken as little influence from other rooms as possible. In fact, having done a good number of rooms between us, Eric and I intentionally avoided replicating puzzles in our room. We wouldn't want a visitor from even as far as Toronto to come down and know exactly how to do a puzzle because they had seen it somewhere else.

2) When are you going to change this room?

We've learned to interpret this as "When can I do another room?" and we're happy to indirectly answer the question by saying that we will be opening two more rooms soon. In fact, at the time of this being written we have a pile of building materials sitting cozily on the floor of our new location.

3) Could I come back and do it again and it would be different?

Kind of a rephrase of the last question. Right now, we're trying to figure out just how many people in Windsor and the surrounding areas would like to try our rooms. At one point, we thought the end of April 2016 would be our expiry date. Almost immediately, we started seeing bookings come through in the later weeks in April and very sparsely in May. We know what we're going to do with the next room, as a little side note to those of you who are still reading. Maybe 10 of you will see this, maybe a 100 will, but you are currently the only ones who now know our plans for a new room. As for a date, I'd venture a guess and say June/July for this specific room... but we will have others in the meantime! (Another reveal there. Shhhh!)

4) What did I get myself into?

Typically asked on arrival or after the instructions for the game and I don't usually give all of my thoughts. More than likely, I will say "just something awesome" or "the best thing you could do today". Really, I want to give them a whole rundown of what it is and why I think they're awesome for trying something new that they don't really know about. With everything that's available at home or right in your pocket for entertainment, going out and doing something you're not sure about takes a big leap of faith.

For those who have been so kind as to leave us the amazing feedback and reviews for others to see, it makes that leap a bit smaller. But even then, "Hey guys, let's go get locked in a room and solve puzzles!" doesn't hit home as hard as some of the other options that are out there might. Movies, bowling, the downtown scene, going out for dinner (pairs nicely with an escape room!) or tons of other comfort options exist that are tried and true. Coming into our lair is a bold choice. We know that. But you did it anyways. Nice.